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Tiles are a great option for areas of your home that get wet: bathrooms, kitchen, foyer.  Also, for your fireplace face.

Kitchen Tile Floors and Backsplash Installation

Deerfield Kitchen Tile InstallationWhether you’re building a new house or just remodeling your kitchen, you deserve a great-looking kitchen: you’ll spend a lot of time there.

Tiles, whether they be ceramic tiles, marble tiles, porcelain tiles or any other material, can made the difference between a boring and an exciting kitchen.

Since you are going to spend a lot of time there, you’ll need your tiles to be well-installed so they last and last.

Neteda Corp. is well-known in the Chicago area for its quality tile installation service.

Bathroom Tile Installation

DeerfieldThe great thing about tiles is that they come in an almost endless array of colors, types and styles.

You can make your bathroom(s) as unique as you.

And, with Neteda Corporation installing your bathroom tiles, you not only get good looks, you get quality installation too.

Fireplace Tile Installation

Deerfield Fireplace Tile InstallationNot everybody has tiled-fireplaces, but natural stone tiles (marble, slate) work well on fireplaces, both on the hearth (base) and the area surrounding the fireplace.

Due to the wide array of tile styles and colors available, tiled fireplaces can fit into any color scheme, so you end with a great-looking room.

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